Why Your Social Media Following Doesn’t Matter

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“Building an ‘audience’ should be a side-effect…”

Everywhere you turn, it seems there’s a marketing expert pushing you to create more content for social media.

“Do video. Get on Instagram. Start a YouTube channel.”

And while these platforms do serve a purpose, most retreats and resorts look at them the wrong way.

In particular, they assume the companies that have a large “following” must also have a successful business.  Or at a minimum, are making a hefty profit from their marketing.

That’s not always the case, however.  Why?

Because there’s a critical difference between having an audience made up of followers, and one made up of buyers.

The Difference Between Buyers and Followers

Here’s how you can spot the difference:

✅ An audience wants information – A buyer wants implementation

✅ An audience wants infotainment – A buyer wants their problems fixed

✅ An audience wants to consume – A buyer wants to act

✅ An audience wants their questions answered – Buyers want their answers questioned

✅ An audience wants you to have a big following – A buyer follows your lead

✅ An audience says “Great presentation!” – A buyer says “Great work!”

✅ An audience tells their friends – A buyer tells their colleagues

✅ An audience praises your ideas – A buyer executes on your ideas

✅ An audience says “Thanks!” – A buyer says “Here’s someone you need to talk to.”

And most important:

✅ An audience pays attention – Buyers pay in cash

If in the process of driving buyers and clients into your business, you happen to build an audience…

Awesome.  That’s how it should be.

Most ‘Followers’ Will Never Buy

But make no mistake, there are many businesses with large audiences made up of people who will never EVER spend any money with them.

My advice: Don’t become one of them.

If the goal of your social media marketing involves accumulating more followers, getting more “engagement,” or anything that doesn’t lead to money exchanging hands between two people for services rendered…

…odds are you’re approaching social media the wrong way.

Clients > Followers

Yes, producing content that engages your followers and moves them closer to buying something from you (aka Content Marketing) is necessary.

And doing it can result in building a group of followers (aka an audience).

But make no mistake about it:

The goal of social media and content marketing is to drive BUYERS into your business.

If “building an audience” occurs as a side effect of that, however, so be it.