How to Drive Resort Bookings During Low Season

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“This could double your low season bookings…”

Ahhh, the dreaded low season.

A time when resorts are empty, employees are bored, and profits run low.

For some, the low season is a time to adapt. Repair the boats, replace worn out mattresses, etc.

For many, however, it’s a financial struggle that requires carefully budgeting the peak season’s profits.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost bookings during low and mid-season. From creating new experiences – to running internal promotions to past clients – the only limit is how creative you can get!

So, to get your gears turning, here are some ideas for driving more bookings to your retreat, ranch or resort during the slower months.

Give Them a Reason

One of the easiest ways to fill up your beds during the off-season?

Give people a reason to visit!

For better or worse, most resort owners focus on the downside of low-season (rainy weather, blistering heat, etc.). Savvy resort owners, however, use these factors to their advantage.

As an example, most surf camps in Indonesia shut down during the waveless winter months of December, January, and in some cases February.

That’s 90 days – 25% of the year – that their beds, boats, and assets are not producing profits…ouch.

Use Negatives to Your Advantage

On the flip side, a handful of camps have used the lack of swell to their advantage. How?

By shifting their focus away from the hardcore surfers (who want big, heavy waves) and towards families, kids groups, and less advanced surfers looking for calmer waters.

Get Creative With What You’ve Got

Offering family-friendly surf camps, however, is just one example.  First, most of these resorts have high-end amenities. From pools to massage rooms to big screen TVs.

Second, they’re based in the tropics. Meaning, they’re surrounded by dazzling fish and a variety of indigenous tribes (without a single building, road, or cell tower in sight).

Meaning, they already have most everything they’d need to offer:

– Snorkeling and scuba trips
– Deepwater fishing excursions
– Meditation and digital detox retreats
– Couples getaways
– Corporate team building retreats
– Community building projects
– And more!

The Sky’s the Limit

And yes, expanding your offers might require an investment or two. Examples including having to buy new equipment, train your team on a new process, or hire a guru / expert to head your new retreat.

Which means, you need to run the numbers before pulling the trigger. However, with most resorts below 50% capacity during the off-season, adding a couple of dozen bookings can drive a massive ROI.

Which means, the only limit to driving more profit during the low-season is how creative you can get!

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